Durable, adaptable and future-proof 

With deep and well-founded knowledge of military needs, Panasonic Connect offers a range of ready-to-use mobile products designed to endure and perform in tough conditions .

What military capabilities does Panasonic Connect offer? 

Panasonic Connect has manufactured rugged computers of the highest quality for more than 27 years. For military users in particular, it is critical to have 100% reliable technology. Panasonic develops and provides ready-to-use mobile devices under the TOUGHBOOK brand. They are trusted by international defence organizations and tested for ruggedness and reliability according to the strictest military standards, including MIL-STD-810H and MIL-STD-461G. In addition, a wide range of modular configurations for the TOUGHBOOK, as well as tailor-made solutions, can be realized in cooperation with other sector specialists. The TOUGHBOOK characteristics and unique design make it the perfect device for tactical communications – tailored for defence-ready applications including command and control, military transportation and platform maintenance. 


When was the TOUGHBOOK range of products developed and what applications does it serve? 

TOUGHBOOK is a Panasonic Corporation brand that refers to its line of rugged computers. Introduced in 1996 with the CF-25 model, the TOUGHBOOK was engineered to easily withstand external forces that would normally damage or destroy normal laptops. All models feature a magnesium alloy chassis that offers durability without significant weight. All ‘Full Rugged’ TOUGHBOOK models have been developed in such a way that the devices can be used in rain, snow, strong sunlight, hot and cold temperatures as well as dirty and dusty environments. Operating temperatures range from -29 to +63°C. The devices can be operated via a keyboard or directly on the display, which has a multi touch capability. They can also be operated with a pen and with gloves. 

How flexible is the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK range in terms of operations? 

The extensive range of accessories enables TOUGHBOOKs to be easily installed and connected into any vehicle. Moreover, the wide selection of carrying solutions enables the TOUGHBOOK to be utilized on any application or mission. 


How is Panasonic developing customized mobile IT solutions to support military applications? 

The TOUGHBOOK 55, G2 and 40 are designed to provide flexibility and long-term stability thanks  to the unique modular concept including expansion slots where user-exchangeable gadgets can be clicked in. 


This enables users to add in features as needs change without having to overhaul the entire ecosystem. Individual parts can also be repaired or replaced in isolation without affecting the unit  as a whole reducing downtime, carbon footprint and budget spend.

In addition, by working closely with Intel and Microsoft and adopting the standard Windows operating system interfaces, the TOUGHBOOK range is very well positioned to enable all current  and future AI and AR innovations.