Airbus Secure Communications division is a European leading provider of secure communications services, bringing together the most comprehensive satellite communications bandwidth and the best-in-class capabilities for network services and solutions. 

Our proven experience and expertise in managing everything from network operations to in-field support services and training means we are the provider of choice for 38 Armed Forces and Governments including NATO, ESA and EDA (European Defence Agency) who want a trusted and reliable partner for their most critical and demanding missions. 

Being a crucial part of the wider Airbus Defence and Space, working with Airbus Secure Communications will allow you access to the expertise in Space Systems, Cyber, Intelligence and Situational Awareness, providing you with the end-to-end security and solutions you need to deliver worldwide missions. 

Our vision is to make Airbus a key contributor to global peace and security enabling critical defence operations through the provision of effective secure communications. Throughout our 40 years of experience in communication services we proved our proficiency by exploiting the latest technologies and investing in innovation to be able to design and deliver the right communications solutions to meet our customer’s needs.  

Airbus Secure Communications is working, together with its customers and partners to grow and develop the very best technologies on the market to offer adaptable solutions that focus on interoperability, resilience and sovereignty: 

  • End-to-End Global connectivity that enables seamless collaboration across all domains and users, including services architecture and systems integration capability 
  • Intelligent Networking and Orchestration that provides reliable delivery and management of networks even those that are Denied, Disrupted, Intermittent or Limited (DDIL) 
  • Secure Cloud Access & IT Infrastructure that enables a shared information environment with trusted access, collaboration, and the sharing of data and content 

We ensure flexibility, resilience and security for different markets, leading todays and tomorrow’s future telecommunications, ground and satellite systems. Airbus has established a broad solutions portfolio to allow you to securely fulfil the connectivity needs of your mission all the way from your headquarter to in-theatre.